When visiting Altos del María, you will live a complete and personalized experience.

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    Located 90 minutes away from Panama City, in Sora, Chame.

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    Step 1: Initial Contact

    An Altos del Maria representative will reach out to you using the contact information you provided earlier (phone, email, etc.).

    During this conversation, you will be provided with preliminary information about the project and answer any questions that may come up.

    Step 2: Scheduling Appointment

    During this call, you will coordinate a convenient day and time to visit the project.

    Step 3: Meeting at the Visitor Center

    On the day of the appointment, the representative will be waiting for you at the Altos del Maria Visitor Center in Sora, Chame.

    Step 4: Project Presentation

    The representative will guide you through a detailed presentation of the project.

    During this presentation, you will be provided with information about the location, main features and amenities of the project.

    Step 5: Tour of Altos del Maria

    Together with the representantive, you will take a tour of the project to explore the different areas and properties available.

    Step 6: Visit to the Valle Bonito Social Area

    As part of the tour, you will visit the social area of Valle Bonito, where you can learn about the facilities and amenities offered.

    Step 7: Quotation Presentation

    Upon returning to the visitor center, the representantive will share with you detailed quotes for the properties that caught your attention during the tour.

    Step 8: Reservation of the Property

    If you find a property that fits your needs,

    The representative will guide you through the necessary steps to formalize the reservation of the property and provide you with information on deadlines and requirements.

    Located 90 minutes away from Panama City, in Sora, Chame.